Jeannie Albers

The Artist



All my life I've been a dreamer—a resident of imaginary worlds—endlessly captivated by stories, sights, sounds, colors, textures...

... everything, I suppose.  

I believe art is so powerful; it can shift environments to benefit individuals, families, and communities... and sometimes, it can carry such a powerful message that it impacts the world.  My desire is to create meaningful art; visual pieces that reflect the Creator, are a voice for the oppressed, love the unloved, give to those in need, and sometimes are simply the enjoyment of the life we have.

While I love travel and adventure, you can also count on me to be your everyday-life-enthusiast.  I am interested in how you set the table for dinner, and your windowsill herb garden that bathes in the afternoon light.  I love your family heirloom piano (even though no-one knows how to play a full song on it, and it’s slightly out of tune).  I want to see the beach house your family vacations to in the summer, where you assemble puzzles in the evenings.  Show me the rooftop you escape to when you’ve had a long week.  Tell me about that letter you’ve been waiting for all these years but have yet to receive.  

Your moments are important.  Don’t manufacture a life that isn’t really yours in attempt to validate it.  It’s already gold, and it's my honor to know you and have the opportunity to be part of your story.

Love, Jeannie