Jeannie Albers






Few things compare to seeing a vision in your head actually come to fruition. When you’re constantly dreaming up concepts for artwork, actually executing them can make you feel, I don’t know.... fully alive.  Sometimes ideas work, and sometimes they don’t, and sometimes they are forced into a different direction due to circumstances....

Take, for instance, this idea for bringing a large white cloth backdrop out into a field.  It caught the wind like a friggin' boat sail, but when I saw how it wrapped around Freya, I had the girls take the backdrop off the frame and let whip around her... which ended up being more interesting anyway! The moral, I guess, is just let your ideas out, try them, but don’t be too attached to the initial idea that they don’t have room to grow or change.

Model: Freya Kallebo, Modern Muse Models  |  Hair & Makeup: Shelby George  |  Wardrobe Styling: Amanda Guiles

Music makes everything better. Hit play.
— me
The Wind Is A Lady With
the wind is a Lady with
bright slender eyes(who

moves)at sunset
and who—touches—the
hills without any reason

(i have spoken with this
indubitable and green person “Are
You the Wind?” “Yes” “why do you touch flowers
as if they were unalive,as

if They were ideas?” “because,sir
things which in my mind blossom will
stumble beneath a clumsiest disguise,appear
capable of fragility and indecision

—do not suppose these
without any reason and otherwise
roses and mountains
different from the i am who wanders

imminently across the renewed world”
to me said the)wind being A lady in a green
dress,who;touches:the fields
(at sunset)
- E.E. Cummings