Jeannie Albers




September Roadtrip


My friend accompanied me as we tripped the road from Orlando to Chattanooga, then to Nashville, Charlotte, Savannah, and back again. We spent time with friends along the way and saw some pretty scenery. And yea... here's some shaky video footage, followed by some of my favorite photos from the trip.

Although I truly enjoy work, it's a challenge to take time away from it just to celebrate life.  Sometimes, it looks like getting out of town for a few days.  And though I may still have a camera in hand, it's always fun to experiment and create for myself rather than a paycheck.  I think it helps makes the client work that much stronger and enjoyable too.  So do what you love.  Laugh, travel (even if it's on a tight budget), believe something wonderful is about to happen, choose into moments, and love people… and music… let there always be music.

(click "HD" or else it's poor resolution in addition to the shaky footage lol)