Jeannie Albers




Hold On


You know what inspires me more than romance and butterflies?  Love that lasts.  That's the direction this brief photoshoot with Whitney & Nathan went back in March: Nathan having to take calls in the other room, the three of us chatting about difficulties and frustrations, Whitney sharing the vulnerability and refining power of love while I helped pin up her hair.

So you fall for someone, you get engaged, you plan the perfect wedding, you get married, and then life happens... will you fight for each other then?  I truly believe the couples that have made it through the hard times are the ones that understand and experience love in its purest form.

Not that Nathan & Whitney are in a difficult place now, but they've definitely worked through a lot together, and well... here they are in their strength and selflessness in the way they honor and care for each other.  

Just keep loving. 

As the great lyricist John Mayer once said: 

"Oh honey
It's just a wave
It's just a wave and I know
That when it comes
I just hold on"