Jeannie Albers




The Attic


I love attics; they are full of forgotten things.

To be forgotten is surely nothing short of torment... but to be foundand to find, are of the most blissful happenings.

There are seasons when the world is too big (or too small), people can make you feel more alone than your own company, and dreams require space to grow again.  Sometimes, a soul needs to be still... so quiet that it can hear its heartbeat again.  Find pieces of self that have collected dust, that have been forgotten.  Wait for the One who will blow through the windows and breathe life into the darkness and sleepiness, restoring worth to what was once put aside.



Personal project we shot back in January one afternoon... just a little change of scenery from the engagement photography and commercial work lately.

Special thanks to these ladies for helpin' out: Amanda Lewis (model) & Janae Schirle (assistant)