Jeannie Albers






If you know me at all, you know how close I am with my family.  We spend a great deal of our free time together, & they are pretty much the reason Orlando is home base for me.  But traveling with them has become a favorite, & they don't even bat an eye when I ask them to pull the car over so I can take a photograph, or when I make them stand in weird places, or tell them to chomp kettle corn for a picture (see below images).

If you don't know them, I hope you get the chance to someday.  Nobody can make me laugh like Dad, & nobody else loves to plan vacations around food as much as he does.  Mom makes things happen & is basically of the mindset, "we'll sleep when we're dead."  Jaclyn (my younger sister), is sarcastic, chill, & has been my traveling companion on many occasions, including our overseas adventure to Malta, Gozo, & Sicily.

My younger brother (also one of my best buds) & his new bride (a perfect addition to our family) had their wedding reception in Mount Vernon, Washington, this past October.  So I, along with my parents & my little sister, ventured across the country to be part of the celebration & to spend a little time with her side of the family.  I brought gear to take photos of the two of them in their fabulous wedding garb amid the PNW landscape (I'll be sharing those images soon)... for now, here are some of my favorite captures from wandering Washington.

Jeannie Albers