Jeannie Albers




Colour the Morning.


Art means so much to me.  I don't know how to explain it, really; I don't try to much, either.  I guess it's like getting to colour in the outlines in life.... or create totally new lines for that matter.

I especially love the kind of art that can be created for no reason whatsoever.  Nobody said this morning had to be documented.  Danielle didn't need photos of her beautiful Arabian horses.  I didn't need portfolio images or prints to sell.  We didn't even have a plan.  Beautiful things exist in the world, & so we immerse ourselves for a bit & forget the things that exist outside of them.

You will rarely find me a happier girl than when I'm around animals that I love, like horses... & new experiences, new friends, & new places are each like adding a new paint colour to a palette. 

I've been to the barn to visit a few mornings now... once to photograph, once to ride, & once to bring Danielle some coffee & help with projects around the place.  I hope for many more mornings.

Jeannie Albers