Jeannie Albers




Hot Air Balloon Proposal


"Whatever you do, DON'T meet my girlfriend!"  Jake murmured in passing.  The wedding we were attending was about to start.  He said he'd explain later, & I sort of just shrugged & found my seat at the ceremony with my family.  Jake is one of my favorite friends, & although we had lost touch somewhat in the past two years, he is still one of the most respectable, genuine, & caring individuals I have ever had the honor of knowing, & his enthusiasm for whatever it was he had up his sleeve had me curious for the duration of the ceremony.

During the reception he found me again, briefly explaining how he would be acquiring a ring very soon, & that he wanted me to photograph the proposal, so it was imperative that I not meet his lady before the big day & ruin the surprise.  All of that made so much more sense when he explained his plan to book the three of us a hot air balloon ride, & that I would have to be the incognito "tourist" on board in order to pull it off.  YEP.  Speaking my language.  All of these things.  Love, heights, surprises, friends.  Up, up, & away we go.


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Jeannie Albers