Jeannie Albers




Kate | Portrait


Kate is one of the most interesting people I know.  She's a regular at the art cafe I frequent, & every time I see her I want to photograph her.  She's always wearing fun/funky clothes & changes up her hair color & style frequently.  Her approachability & genuine care for the other people at the cafe is inspiring.  There's definitely a good bit of complexity to her, & interaction would quickly tell you that she's been through a lot in life, but is still not afraid to be real & open.  All in all, she's lovely, & is as sweet as the ridiculously sweet Italian sodas (with extra syrup) & butter-beer iced lattes that she orders.

This particular day, I had just finished a portrait session when I arrived & had all my camera gear with me.  She was sitting outside applying her lipstick with only about 15 minutes of sunlight left, so we did these portraits right outside the cafe just for fun.  

Jeannie Albers