Jeannie Albers





"are you licensed & insured?"

Yes.  Ready to rock and roll... in the form of taking pictures/making art.


"will I have access to digital images?"

Yes!  All final edits are yours to download and keep.  You may also opt to print images directly from your password protected online gallery.



"do you retouch images?"

Often, this is code for "can you fix my blemishes?"  Haha, and YES, I certainly can/will.  The editing process is involved since it's where a lot of the magic happens and I take my time.  Images go through 2-3 different professional editing programs for adjusting, color-grading, and, in some cases, advanced editing where skin is retouched and background eyesores are removed.  Photographing from flattering angles is where I like to begin, and really only focus on refining an image to show you on your best day, because I'm guessing that pimple won't be there next week, and those dark circles are probably from that crazy deadline you had and will quickly clear up too.  Taking a raw image and transforming it to a final piece of art looks something like this:   


All digital proofs include basic editing (coloring, lighting, etc), once desired images are selected based on the number agreed on in contract, images can go through minimal editing (major blemish removal, teeth whitening), but professional retouching for fashion/editorial is also available.  See example below of progression in editing for fashion image:




Absolutely!  I do my best to work with your budget.  Let's talk.



Forever and ever, yes and amen.




"how far in advance should I book?"

I try not to book more than a year in advance, but if it's a wedding/elopement that you're inquiring about, please note that I only accept a small number of weddings per year in order to deliver the absolute best results to my clients and new friends.  That being said, getting the conversation started earlier rather than later will help secure your date.